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Big Data

The way to cure childhood cancer has changed significantly in recent years thanks to precision medicine that makes it possible to adapt the treatments of patients according to the characteristics of their tumours.

The sequencing of the genome of children’s tumours and the collection of numerous clinical, molecular and immunological data – BIG DATA – allow researchers to better understand childhood cancers and their causes. This is why we must act as quickly as possible in this direction to advance the knowledge that will allow better management and the development of new treatments.

The BIG DATA program from ITCC* :

The aim of this innovative program is to aggregate all the genomic, immunological and clinical data generated by several European research programs.

Thanks to the extensive analysis of this data and the use of artificial intelligence, this ambitious program will facilitate basic and translational research and generate new knowledge in paediatric oncology to develop new drugs.

Sponsor : Gustave Roussy
Principal Investigator : Pr Gilles Vassal
Duration of the program : March 2018 – March 2021
Data of 3 000 patients by 2020
In partnership with the Curie Institute.

Call for financing : 360 000€
Funds are allocated at the end of the fundraising campaign.

* Innovative Therapies for Children with Cancer – European consortium of 54 paediatric oncology and hematology departments and 22 research laboratories in Europe and Israel.  

“Thanks to BIG DATA and artificial intelligence, we will discover new therapeutic targets for new drugs against childhood cancer.  ” Pr Gilles VASSAL, Director of Clinical Research Gustave Roussy, President of ITCC and European Head of BIG DATA